Search Engine Marketing in Mahalakshmi

Search engine marketing or SEM is one of the best online marketing tools for different types of marketing practices that are used online for the promotion of various websites in the search engine result pages. The main goal for SEM services is to make use of paid advertising to come up with internet marketing methods that increase the visibility of a website in the SERPs. Different types of paid search engine marketing methods exist, such as PPC (paid per click) advertising, CPC or cost per click advertising, CPM or cost per thousand impressions and paid search adverts. When used effectively in the right manner, they can contribute greatly to improve the online business prospects of a particular brand.

How to Decide the SEM Budget?

In order to make sure that an SEM or search engine marketing campaign works the way that it is ideally supposed to, it is necessary to allocate a budget for it from the start that will give the marketing experts the flexibility and resources that they need to make the best use of the various marketing tools. However, it is still necessary to remember that it is not always easy to come up with a budget for these marketing campaigns as in some cases the finances required to refine the media campaigns may be much more than the actual PPC search campaigns themselves. The best working campaigns may require anywhere like several hundred thousands of dollars a year to make sure that the projects are working perfectly. There are also certain other factors that influence the overall expenditure required for the SEM campaigns. For instance, the specific goals of the marketing projects and the target audience for which they are meant. To make sure that the SEM campaigns produce the desired results, it is necessary that they are properly backed up by adequate market research. Not only it is necessary to understand the needs and impulses of the target customers but also have a clear idea about the methods of marketing undertaken by the competing firms. Such an in-depth survey and research require a lot of resources which are critical for the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Why you need a professional company to manage your SEM?

While some companies think that SEM campaigns do not need the assistance of specialists and that they can manage all related tasks by dedicating in-house teams only, the truth is that such DIY approach can lead to a waste of valuable resources. It is always better to have a professional SEM company to manage all the SEM campaigns that are carried out for the optimum online promotion of a company. These SEM professionals have the requisite industry experience that enables them to come up with services which would help companies to have the desired exposure and traffic in their websites. By taking into account the specific needs of a particular client, a SEM expert can deliver customized services that would in turn help their clients to boost their business potential to a great deal. The SEM firms can also offer valuable counsel that would in turn help their clients to make necessary changes in their sites that would help in drawing more traffic

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

The EGC Group offers full-service search engine marketing management driven by the simple premise of driving positive ROI. Using a proprietary process that effectively manages a client's full portfolio of keywords, EGC closely manages each and every keyword, ad group and campaign to optimize and deliver positive results.

Our proprietary search engine marketing management process for our clients includes:

  • Customer Path Analysis
  • Purchase Process Analysis
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Keyword & Negative Keyword Discovery & Selection
  • Campaign & Ad Group Setup
  • Campaign & Ad Group Setup based on unique client attributes
  • Landing-Page Design, Testing & Optimization
  • Proprietary Conversion Tracking Process
  • Pay Per Click Keyword Bid Management